Green philosophy

Clean energy and absolute respect for the environment for an eco-sustainable tourism

In the millennial green of the Umbra Forest, exclusive comfort in an eco-friendly structure.

Elda Hotel, born from the recovery of the historic hotel-refuge in the Umbra Forest nature reserve, is part of a large Green Economy business project promoted by engineer Marcello Salvatori, founder of Sistemi Energetici SPA. Dedicated to his mother, the Elda brand project was born twenty years ago as a sign of the enhancement of the territory with Elda Cantine, a wine company that produces wines of the highest quality coming from native vines of the Daunian Mountains, in the province of Foggia. Today the history of the brand with a green soul, which bases its values on the principles of eco-sustainability, biocompatibility and ethics, continues with the opening of the first Elda Hotel which, alongside the adoption of energy solutions with low environmental impact, the use of natural and recyclable materials, offers its guests experiences in the name of well-being and harmony, in which man and nature are in perfect balance. In addition, in “Il Rifugio” restaurant, the selection of seasonal ingredients, local products and gastronomic excellence from organic agriculture at zero km for the preparation of traditional Mediterranean dishes is rigorous.

And this our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything
William Shakespeare

Environmentally friendly

Valuable brand

For 20 years we have been promoting technologies and values ​​for a green and circular economy that enhances renewable sources, ecology in the cycles of matter and energy, well-being in respect and enhancement of the environment.